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Double Your 

Garage Space Easily

Work On Your
Cars Quickly & Safely

2500kgs Freestanding / Portable Car Service Hoist - being used to easily access all parts of the vehicle without restrictions...
Rick Martin's Lift King V8
Lift King 9: 4000Kgs Freestanding / Portable Car Service Hoist

Some Genuine Testimonials

Hi Rohan,

Thanks for everything. Purchasing a Lift King Hoist from Hero AutoHoists has been one of the best things I've done. I assembled the hoist in half a day with ease. I first assembled it on the left side of the garage, but then decided it would be best on the right-hand side - so put the castors on and pushed it over to the right. Gives the extra space I need in the garage. Magic!

Makes working on my Mopars a lot easier...

On the photos I sent you a '66 Plymouth Barracuda is on the bottom and a '70 Dodge Phoenix 400 is on top. Also have a '72 Charger 770 and '75 Dodge D200 Club Cub (Dodge Ram)

Thanks, Wayne

Queanbeyan Veteran Vintage Restorers Club

The Lift King hoist is working very well - I’m very happy with the quality of the product and the help I received when I had  a small issue with adjustment - everything was handled in a friendly and timely manner - the Lift King will certainly be a product I’ll use for many years to come, and I’m more than happy to vouch for its ease of installation, use and value for money...

Barry Holden, 

Tin Can Bay, QLD

Hi Rohan,

everything is working great!  Thanks again for all your help.  I have attached a few images of my new Jaguar XF with my trailer on top. 

Cheers, Dave W, Frenchs Forest, NSW


my name is Robert Butta. Buying a Lift King hoist is the best investment l‘ve ever made...

I’ve been a motor mechanic for 25 years and have worked in a number of auto workshops.

I now run my own business as a mobile contract repairer to the auto industry. I have just about seen and used all of the hoists on the market, and l can tell you, Lift King hoists are the best value for money out there...

Not only are they strong but also well made. I also think it’s great that l can move the hoist around whenever l need to – a very smart idea.

I live in Melbourne, Victoria, and would be happy to talk to anyone interested in a Lift King hoist.

You’re able to view by appoinment the Lift King 8XL which I currently use.

You can contact me on 0419 509 632 or (03) 9776 0398

I’m delighted at the quality of the hoist and the professional service at Hero Hoists Australia! I was working on the Murena on the lift today – it is so convenient – I love it.  I wish I had room for a second one!!. I’m happy to be recommending this product – please don’t hesitiate to contact me about it... 

Thanks Rohan

Ron Murrell, Mount Kuringai, Sydney, NSW

Hi, I’m very satisfied at the performance and quality of my Lift King - I use it purely for storing my two Peugeots - and it works great in my single width garage... even my wife can operate it. It’s definitely something I’d recommend to anyone who needs to squeeze the maximum available storage space out of their garage...

Max Beardwood, Homebush Bay, Sydney, NSW

Hey guys , thanks for all your help! i just got my lift together and it's amazing ! 

As soon as I can talk my wife into it i'll be ordering another one!!

Miles Lepts, Ontario

I was surprised at the quality! I have 2 other older lifts I paid thousands more for and yours is definitely better. Very Impressed. 

Thanks RossGordon Daughty, British Columbia

Great service, thanks a lot for all your help! I can finally park my truck inside!!!

J brooks, Alberta

I completely outfitted my shop with Lift King Hoists and the guys love ‘em (no more greasing every day) you are #1 in all aspects - thanks Lift King

Mochtar Shivji, Alberta

Outstanding! I couldn't believe the quality of my lift! I have seen all the others for sale before I chose yours - Quality is the difference!

Mark Michelkow, Sask

Wow Wow Wow, thats all I have to say... Wow. Thanks Guy's - you’re great!

Jeff Kamsten, Ontario

My husband was Floored!! I have to say , The best XMAS present ever! He Loves his new toy!

Jennifer Hammond, BC    

Only The Best for my New Ferrari...!!!




Unbelievable service! it seems you don’t see a lot of that anymore ! it's refreshing to see it! I will be back!!

Crazy Installs Inc, Manitoba

Top Notch, everything was Great, No more cold concrete floors for me!

Neil Mau , New Brunswick

I searched for a long time for a lift, did my research and I know I made the right decision. Thank you for all the help and thanks for a quality product! I will tell everyone I know.

Sailesh Prasad, Vancouver 

Hi's our Corvette on the new great in this small area....thanks again....

Murray Gray

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