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Double Your 

Garage Space Easily

Work On Your
Cars Quickly & Safely

A Little History…

So, who are we? 

We’re not just sales people - we’re true car enthusiasts, who happen to sell car hoists…

But to back-track a little, sometimes it’s kind of funny / kooky 

how businesses begin…

The idea for Hero Hoists Australia was borne out of a personal trip by Natalie Gavora (my mum) to Calgary in Canada - in 2006.

She was introduced to Lift King Canada’s business by her shiny new partner, John.

John’s son Geoff, was manager of that business at the time, and they were going great guns…

Mum’s ’crazy’ idea was for me to duplicate that success in Sydney - with their help and advice, and their supplier of hoists. 

Well, why not? I’d always loved cars, not just driving them - but drawing them too…

Consequently, Lift King Canada became our parent company for the first 3 years…

I established our first showroom in Croydon, Sydney; and we’re still going strong 11 years on… and while Natalie left us sadly & suddenly in 2016, her legacy is the driving force that keeps Hero Hoists Australia going…

Experience Counts

The experience I gained over the last 13+ years allows me to now bring you some of the best value car hoists and associated garage equipment in Australia. 

You’re dealing with a business that prides itself on friendly, personal service and a great, carefully selected product range.

The Best Products

For example, Hero Hoists was the first company to promote the Single-Post Portable Service Hoist, which is now a BIG hit with professionals and car enthusiasts all over Australia.

The Portable Mini Scissor Lift (the Spider 2500) was also a ‘first’ with us…

Recently, we introduced Australia to the Side-By-Side Parker - and people really seem to love it too…

We've built strong business partnerships with a select number of suppliers since we started way back then.

Paul Dunk... using the Lift King 9/2-Post Pro-Line Service Hoist to work on a Valiant Pacer - an iconic Aussie Musclecar from the 70's...

Natalie at NRMA 

Motorfest (early years)

Dave Sieders Racing Falcon

Our display at All Holden Day, NSW

At the Man Cave Expo 2016

Red hoists lift faaassster… 

(Regents Park showroom)

Our first Single-Post Portable model…

(Regents Park showroom)

Classy HQ Monaro at All Holden Day

All Chrysler Day, NSW

At da Man Cave Expo, Sydney

Our display at da Man Cave Expo, 


The Lift King V8 with 2 Hemi 6 Chargers…

(Sefton showroom, 2015)

The Lift King V8 with MityToy & Charger…

(Sefton showroom, 2014)

The Lift King 8 Pro at  All Holden Day…


The Lift King 8  Pro at  

All Holden Day…


Natalie at the 4WD and Outdoor Show, Brisbane (early years)

Setting-up the

 Spider 2500

(Regents Park 


The paddock at the 

Telstra 500

(Sydney )

The Lift King 8 at 4WD & Outdoor Show

(Brisbane, early years)

The Lift King 8 and me…

(Regents Park 


Mum and me - I miss her 

soooo very much…

(Regents Park showroom)

Natalie with the MityToy on 

the Lift King V8 

(Regents Park showroom, 2013)

Our display at All Holden Day, NSW

 The MityToy on the Lift King V8  

(Regents Park showroom, 2013)

The Lift King V8 at  All Holden Day

(we try to go every year…)

The MityToy 4WD (UTV) at the

 4WD & Outdoor Show, Sydney

(we can still bring this machine in…)

Natalie; my Mum. 

She started it all – 

now watching 

over me from afar…

Yup - datz me…


Visiting the J&F factory in China…

(Jason & Friends)

Getting ‘high’ with the 

original Single-Post 

Portable Service Hoist…

All Chrysler Day, NSW

All Chrysler 

Day, NSW

Machines & Macchiatos 

Harbord, NSW

Machines & Macchiatos 

Harbord, NSW

Dave Sieders Racing Team 

Hero Hoists sponsorship at Telstra 500

(Sydney )

Valiant Charger on the Lift King V8 

Hero Hoists sponsorship at Telstra 500

(Sydney )

My mum ‘manning’ 

the stand… 

I miss her love 

& support…

(early years)

Mordialloc Surf Life Saving Club 

Lift King Side-by-Side Parker

‍ - to the ‘rescue’ of 

the Surf Life-Saving Boats…

 Hero Hoists at the 

2009 Van Nationals

The Next Phase

Starting in September 2018 Hero Hoists has moved to a larger premises, and a true ‘working’ showroom in Prestons.

Paul Dunk is the owner of Classic Metal - and shares the space with Hero Hoists.

This means we’re now able to say we really do use the hoists we sell. 

Paul is a qualified mechanic - he loves his MOPARS, Chryslers, Valiants and Jeeps - and works on them with the energy of a real enthusiast.

Of course, he doesn’t knock back work on other marques, so just ask him if he has time to fit your ‘baby’ in…

His knowledge and experience will enhance the products we sell, and he’ll happily offer advice and efficient working practice to our valued customers.

So, if you’d like to chat to Paul about any aspect of servicing your cars in the most efficient and safe manner, by all means call him for a chat…

2 Lift King Hoists in action...
Paul Dunk hard at work... using the Lift King 1.0T Transmission Jack to drop the tranny down safely...

We select the best products from these suppliers. We don't just 'push' a particular supplier's products - like so many others.

That's your guarantee of unbiased advice. 

And, we’re still the only retailer to provide a LIFETIME Structural Warranty and 3-Year Power-pack Warranty - for private buyers. 

That means you get ‘Peace Of Mind Lifting’…

By the way, we never bring in questionable items or cheap, poor quality products simply to gain market share or make a quick buck… we don’t need the headaches - and neither do you…


We provide friendly, solid advice and stand behind our products like all respected retailers do…

Commercial clients get the expected industry warranty provided by each manufacturer when used in a professional working environment.

So, if it's for servicing you cars, or parking, or a little of both - we probably have the hoist for you... 

Anyway, just ask me for the genuine, friendly advice we’ve always been known for - I’m generally in a pretty good head space - but please don't call too early in the morning - deal?

Cheers, Rohan


Hero Hoists Australia

The Only Car Hoists With A LIFETIME Structural 

Warranty + 3-Year Motor Warranty…

1300 79 5438    0413 293 318

19/264-272 Hoxton Park Road Prestons NSW 2170

With a Lift King,

 You’re On A Good  Thing…