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Q: What’s the advantage of a 4-Post hoist over a 2-Poster?

A: The 4-Post hoists can be used for both storage and service.
2-Posters are designed for service only.
Yes, you can park a car under the ams of a 2-Poster, but it’s more time consuming
- and physically challenging - to get the car on and off the hoist, and you may need to take the wheels off the raised vehicle - as they hang below the arms.
Additionally, many feel it’s kinder to the car to be supported by its wheels instead of allowing them (and the suspension) to hang unsupported. The chassis and body of some cars may be adversely affected if left for extended periods on a 2-Post hoist.

A 4-Poster is narrower and shorter than a 2-Poster - which means they fit into most standard-sized garages. How much height do you need to stack your cars? Check our FAQ page for the answer…

Most models are freestanding and portable - which means an easier, less expensive installation. Some of the standard-sized models can be transported without dismantling them - so if you move home you may be able to take the hoist with you… ask us for advice about this…


In a shared garage or private situation, a 4-Post hoist is safer, easier and faster to use.

Nothing happens if the hoist is accidentally knocked - but on a 2-Post hoist the car may be finely balanced - and could fall off…


A 4-Poster can be left freestanding and unbolted. It’s also portable - so easy to reposition if required.

Best model?

Q: I’m confused - what model do I choose if I just want a great value / basic storage hoist?

A: The Lift King 9 is our ‘base’ model. If you don’t need it to be portable or will never use it to do any mechanical work, you can save a few $$$’s and order it without the Castor Kit or the Jacking Tray and/or Drip Trays.

Q: What model do I choose if I have small cars and I want the smallest footprint hoist that will still support an average-sized sedan or SUV?

A: The Lift King 9S. It’s only 3.460m long (a metre shorter than other 4-Posters) and 2.635m wide - with the addition of an optional motor repositioning plate that turns the motor to the inner or outer face of the post instead of the outside face. It’s great for compacts & sports cars too…

Q: What model do I choose if I want to park a higher vehicle like a 4WD under another car?

A: The Lift King 9XL or 9HL. The 9HL is shorter and narrower. The 9XL has the newer / 3rd-Gen box section ‘Posi-Lock’ posts with the sleeved, ‘Wrap-Around’ crossbars.

Q: Do I need to bolt down the 4-Post hoists?

A: Unless there’s a compelling reason to do so - no. The safety of the hoist isn’t compromised if left unbolted - and when the car is supported, they’re even more stable. Just make sure the surface you place your hoist on is level and in good condition - without an excessive slope.

Q: Are they easy to use?

A: Yes. No special operator training is required - but like all heavy machinery you must be aware of the potential danger & practice safe operation - and keep anyone else away from the hoist when in use.
If you want an even easier operation, some models are available in automatic / push-button operation - so no physical effort is required, or bending down and/or pulling levers.

Q: Are they any good for servicing my cars?

A: Yes.  Most come with Jacking Trays. Some will come with Jacking Beams - or can be optioned with Jacking Beams, which are rolling Scissor Lifts that can be positioned along the length of the hoist and allow easy, safe ‘Wheels-Free’ servicing…
Many mechanics use their 4-Posters to do everything - as they’re quicker to get the car on and off, thus saving time and money.


Q: In a private situation, should I get the hoist serviced regularly?

A: Yes. It’s important to get it serviced and safety inspected every 2 or 3 years - and under regular daily use every year is prudent.


Q: Do they need to be Australian Certified?

A: Many models carry Australian and American Certification… but only in a commercial workshop is Australian Certification mandatory - not in a domestic / private use garage. For your peace of mind, all our hoists carry the minimum CE / Euro and/or TUV Certifications - which are internationally recognised. We will NOT bring in cheap, built-down-to-a-price hoists.


Q: Can I change the specification or structure?

A: Some models - like the Lift King Triple Stacker can be shortened or changed in other ways - but not all models can be customised.

Q: Can I order special colours?

A: Yes. However certain custom colours may attract a surcharge.

Q: Can I order special high-lift 4-Posters - to go to a high mezzanine level?

A: Yes - just ask us for a quote…

Q: Can I order special decking that closes off the centre of the hoist - to turn it into a large storage platform above my car/s?

A: Yes - on most models - just ask us for a quote.


Q: Can I self-install the 4-Posters?

A: Yes - in most cases - however some of the parts are heavy and will require assistance. Some are more complex than others and should be professionally installed - or at the very least safety-inspected after you’ve performed the installation. Electrical connections should ALWAYS be handled professionally…

* A faulty installation can be very dangerous and will void warranty if we don’t see evidence of professional inspection after a DIY installation, and/or regular service.

Q: Can you organise installation for me?

A: Yes - but a lot depends on where you are… we have installers in most states we can put you in touch with, or we can on most jobs organise the installation for you…

Q: Does Hero Hoists supply the hydraulic fluid or electrical plugs and chords?

A: Yes for the hydraulic fluid - if in stock and you’re picking up from us. Otherwise no.
Your installer and/or electrician will generally bring the hydraulic fluid and/or electrical connections with him…
We don’t include the hydraulic fluid when sending the hoists intra or interstate - as it tends to get stolen or spilt…

Permit to install…

Q: Do I need a council permit to install the 4-Posters?

A: No - these hoists are considered as just another appliance in your home garage. They need a 240V/15amp power supply - which is true of any such home handyman specialised tool.


Q: Can I get the hoist delivered to my home?
A: Yes - if there’s a forklift on-site at the time of drop-off. Otherwise, no.
In that case, we will send the hoist to the nearest depot to your home - where you can collect it with a car trailer or suitable flatbed, or preferably a tilt-tray truck - which is how we deliver locally. 

Q: Does Hero Hoists provide insurance when sending the hoists interstate?

A: Yes - if required. 

Viewing before buying…

Q: Can I see 1 before buying it?
A: Yes, but it depends where you are. We can usually ask someone near you if they’ll allow you to call them and/or view their hoist We have a limited selection of hoists at our showroom / warehouse.


Q: Are they always in stock?

A: Mostly - but occasionally we’ll sell out of the more popular models.

Where are Lift King Car Hoists sold?

Q: Are they sold internationally?

A: Yes, in Canada, the USA and of course, here in Australia…

Why should I buy a Lift King 4-Poster?

Q: What makes your Lift King 4-Posters better than most others?
A: We’re not the cheapest - and for good reason. We develop and import a high-quality product at a fair price. We’ll never bring in a cheap, inferior car hoist to gain more customers - because we place our customer’s safety above everything else. We’ve developed close relationships with our suppliers over many years - and they know what our customers expect, and the quality we demand.

Our 3rd-Gen design is superior to others; we use the new Box-Section ‘Posi-Lock’ posts and sleeved ‘Wrap-Around Crossbars’ on many models…

At time of writing, this design is exclusive to Hero Hoists…

And, we’re still the ONLY retailer offering a LIFETIME Structural Warranty and 3-Year Power-pack Warranty.

Ask yourself why the cheaper hoists can’t do this…

Do car club members get a discount?

Q: As a car club member, can I get a discount?
A: Yes, but generally for a multi-hoist order. We do nice deals for an order of 6 hoists - so get a few fellow members together and call us…

Lift King Jacking Beam Specifications
Lift King Air-Assisted Jacking Beam

Jacking Beams (rolling internal scissor lifts) are the most popular add-on for your 4-post car hoist…

Lift King Air-Assisted Jacking Beam in use...
Lift King Castor Kit: projection for 9, 9S and 9HL

Most of our 4-posters are easily movable with the supplied castor kit…
*3rd-Gen models do not increase width…

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Lift King 9 Pro with MOPAR...(USA)

The Only Car Hoists With A LIFETIME Structural 

Warranty + 3-Year Motor Warranty…

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