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1300 79 5438

1300 79 5438

‘1-Off’ Custom-Designed Lifts

• Mezzanine Lifts

• Basement Lifts & Car Elevators

• Display Lifts & Turntables

• Goods Lifts

• Disability Lifts

Do you have a special need - for example an internal / home lift? Maybe to go from street level to basement level?

Or, do you have a disability and need something fabricated to your specific requirements? 

Contact us now to talk about our custom-design service…

Rotary Parking System

Stack up to 12 cars in the space of 2 bays…

Parking systems can be designed to your requirements…

Contact us with the space available, and we’ll advise you on the best solution… for example the Puzzle Lift can be configured many ways…

The perfect system for shopping malls, office buildings, restaurants, apartment buildings and any other high density parking situation…

‍Lift ‍King ‍Puzzle ‍Lift

‍Perfect ‍for ‍shopping ‍malls, ‍office ‍buildings, ‍restaurants, ‍apartment ‍buildings ‍and ‍any ‍other ‍high ‍density ‍parking ‍situation…


‍Independent ‍Parking ‍System

‍• ‍Variable ‍Configuration ‍• ‍40 ‍Year ‍Working ‍Life ‍• ‍Safety ‍Systems ‍Built-in ‍• ‍Cable ‍& ‍Motor ‍Driven


‍• ‍Lifting ‍Capacity: ‍2000kg ‍/ ‍2500kg  • ‍Overall ‍Height: ‍Up ‍to ‍5 ‍Floors ‍

‍• ‍Overall ‍Width: ‍Variable  • ‍Rotational ‍Time: ‍Up ‍to ‍82 ‍secs  (5 ‍Layer ‍Configuration)

‍• ‍Motor ‍Capacity: ‍220V/1Ph ‍or ‍380V/3Ph ‍or ‍220V/3Ph

‍• ‍Ant-Sliding ‍Device ‍• ‍Emergency ‍Stop ‍Device ‍• ‍Caution ‍Device     

‍• ‍Max ‍Power ‍Protection ‍Device ‍• ‍Height ‍Limit ‍Protection ‍Device     

‍• ‍Entrance ‍Optical ‍Detecting ‍Device ‍• ‍Power-Off ‍Braking ‍Device

‍• ‍Horizontal ‍Distance ‍Limit ‍Protection ‍Device

‍• ‍R ‍& ‍L ‍Button; ‍Automatic ‍Lock ‍Device

‍• ‍Up ‍& ‍Down ‍Button ‍/ ‍Wheel ‍Barrier ‍/ ‍Power-Off ‍Braking ‍Device

‍Please ‍call ‍us ‍with ‍your ‍requirements…

The Only Car Hoists With A LIFETIME Structural 

Warranty + 3-Year Motor Warranty…

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